iSambhav enhances capacity at every level in the government and across departmental divisions. This includes helping decision makers formulate farsighted policies that analyse systems from a lifecycle perspective; and assisting them in their effort to expand awareness of existing regulatory frameworks.

Further, we bring decades of private sector experience to help policymakers set effective incentives and incentives to elicit the desired response from enterprises.

Organizations we’ve worked with

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“To generate ideas and pursue concepts that are unique and game changing in the sustainable development world is a major contribution in and by itself. But to take it to the stage of implementation through commitment, gentle and logical persuasion and the artful cobbling of networks, institutions and individuals is an art that is unique to Niranjan Khatri, former General Manager and Ambassador-at-large (Sustainable Development) with ITC Hotels Ltd.

Over two decades and counting, Niranjan has been doggedly pursuing his vision of a clean, efficient and yes, humane, India. To combine the philosophy of efficient resource planning with that of disability management is an unique blend of scientific discipline embedded in a deeply empathetic matrix of sensitivity and fairness on issues of human equity.”

Padu S.Padmanaban, former director and energy advisor, United States agency for international development

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