We help businesses proactively avoid regulatory headwinds, find innovative ways to reduce costs, improve brand capital and build a pipeline of green leadership. By adding a sustainable development perspective to your business insights, we enable you to prepare for coming resource constraints, tighter laws, environmentally sensitive consumers and hidden business opportunities. Our aspiration is to help organisations redesign commerce to put back more than we extract from the earth.

For tourism and allied services, iSambhav also offers customized consulting services that help hotels, travel agencies, facilities management firms and others identify significant improvement opportunities.

Organizations we’ve worked with

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  • “Although I work world-wide and have served as President of the World Green Building Council, I can state without hesitation that Mr. Khatri is unequalled in his commitment to environmental tourism. Mr. Khatri is known internationally as a tireless advocate for sustainable design, construction, operations and maintenance of hotels and restaurants. His creativity, coupled with his passion for “doing the right thing,” makes everyone take notice.
    As you review his credentials, you will see the leadership roles he has held. What you will not see, but to which I am attesting, is that this humble man has had a global impact because he is a teacher in every sense of the word.”

    Dr. Kath Williams, Architect and LEED Fellow 2011
  • “Your presentation was enlightening, the solutions you were talking about – they have a quality that resonates with the aspirations of everybody who yearns to act on environmental issues. There is a strange minimal-resource, self-propelled, out-of-the-box thinking that you bring to the table, that is very inspirational – not only for its intent but also in its methods of execution.”

    Rishabh Parmar, BCIL

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