niranjaniSambhav is a sustainable development training organization that gives you the tools to ignite change

Sustainability is a rapidly evolving field and most businesses, policy makers and educational institutions are in need of cutting-edge thinking and actionable ideas to make effective progress. In addition, India’s unique challenges—with limited financial resources, 17% of the world’s population, 2% of the water resources and 1% of the forest cover for example—make contextual solutions an incontestable imperative.

Recognizing this reality, iSambhav works with for-profit, government and educational entities to help them conceptualize, internalize and operationalize new ways of working. By doing so, we achieve sustainable impact in water, energy and waste management, CSR effectiveness and inclusion.

Our intuitive, contextually appropriate approach distinguishes us from one-size-fits-all, capital-intensive solutions. Every engagement with corporates, governments and schools is led by Niranjan Khatri, a sustainability veteran with 26 years of experience with ITC, the only company of its kind in the world that is carbon positive, water positive and solid waste recycling positive.

What does iSambhav mean?
Our name generates a lot of curiosity. And everyone we meet has their own interpretation of what it means. For us, the ‘i’ in iSambhav stands for ‘infinite’, and ‘sambhav’ is the Hindi word for ‘possible’. Put them together and you get ‘infinite possibilities’—reflecting our deep belief that in a world of increasingly scarce resources, human ingenuity can find ways to not only survive but thrive.

About Niranjan Khatri
iSambhav founder and principal consultant Niranjan Khatri pioneered eco design in India in the eighties—a time when the term “eco design” perhaps didn’t yet exist. Read a one-page bio to learn more